Well. I suppose since I am wide awake at 2:30am even though I’ve taken a sleeping pill 2 hours ago, I wanted to give an update.  

I’m 15 days post op! Time seems like a blur, but slow at the same time. I know I am making so much sense. I was discharged from Baylor on Oct 24th. I was really exited. I felt okay, was able to walk and get around pretty good. Andrew was still at the apartment recovering and doing great! That night, I had some miso soup, rice, and a cookie and decided to call it a night. Ashlee and I did our nightly ritual which consisted of watching an episode or 10 of one of our favorite shows and then drifted off to sleep. Well one of us did for a short while. I felt so uncomfortable. My abdomen felt so full that I thought it was going to explode. Taking so many medications isn’t a new thing to me but I thought maybe that’s just it. But then it became too much. I began to vomit, and it was violent. The pain was excruciating. It felt as if the staples and stitches everything holding my abdomen together was just ripping apart. Ashlee woke up and was there with me every step of the way. We called my transplant nurse and waited for a call back to see if we needed to go into the ER. The pain was so bad I remember yelling Jesus help me and then saying a few choice curse words and Ashlee saying would you stop, someone’s gonna think we are crazy over here. Then here comes Andrew, hey man want some Zofran? After 3-5 hours of fighting this, Ashlee got us ready (literally I mean us) and took me to the ER. When we arrived we were escorted in through the physicians referral center. They began to ask questions and all I could say is I’m going to puke. And that I did over and over. There wasn’t even much there. But the pain wouldn’t stop. After they had calmed me down and given me medication, they did a CT scan which shows that I by stomach and intestines were distended and needed to be suctioned. I was like fine do it at this point could the pain be worse or maybe I would get some relief. They told me they were going to put an NG tube in. Ok.

 What’s that. Don’t know don’t care just do it……wait your gonna what? No no. Damn it was all I could think. Well I suffered through it. I can’t even describe what it felt like. So I’ll just leave that part out. As they began to pump my stomach I began to get relief. For the next three days I was back on the 14th floor Roberts Building. Things got better each day. Finally I was released (again).    
Over the next few days I was determined to get better. I was slowly getting my appetite back with the Reglan that they gave me to help jump start my stomach and intestines to get back into somewhat normal routine.   
And then it happened. The Uncontrollable diarrhea. It wouldn’t stop. I had gone to the restroom no less than 20 times in 5 hours. So back to the ER for me. I could barely walk I was so dizzy. When I arrived at the hospital Sunday October 30th, I was severely dehydrated. They started fluids and performed some more CT scans to try to figure out what is happening. After 24 hours of not eating it obviously had stopped. But the cramping was still happening just making everything uncomfortable. The transplant team believes that this could be caused by either A. A virus that has been going around, or B. Reaction to one of the medications that I am taking. Yea. One of the 28. Kinda hard to weed that one out.   
This morning my GI doctor wanted to do a scope to make sure that my Ulcerative Colitis isn’t flared up which would have had the exact symptoms that I have been experiencing. So at 6:30am they wheeled me down for yet another procedure. The anesthesiologist didn’t show up….apparently no one put it on his schedule. But eager to get the test done my GI doc says well I guess we will just have to do this conscious sedation. Okay, to me that means hey we are gonna stick a scope up your butt while your kinda awake and kinda asleep. So being me I said here’s the deal doc, I’ll let you do that to me but your next. He replies. “Laughing. I like a smart ass in the morning”. So they give me Versed and Fentanyl and next thing I know it was over. Actually I slept until 3pm this afternoon. The tests came back okay! No flare up from what they could see. So what caused this episode? Yea…..don’t know.   
However I am feeling better. So, hopefully I’ll make my 3rd discharge tomorrow. And this time I’ll stay out!

I can’t thank my wife Ashlee Terauchi enough. I know this has been tough for me but it’s been 100 times more tough for her. Trust me. I’m not an easy patient. But she has stood by me, stayed with me, brought me food and snacks and clean clothes everyday. It’s been so hard on us not seeing our kids for so long. And those of you who know us know our kids are our entire lives.   
My family, Beth Winston Terauchi Yuji Terauchi Amanda Terauchi Ford Tonashae Echols Sara Wilhite Debbie Cusick-Outler all the girls at LBC thank you from the bottom of our hearts for keeping our kids busy and in routines to make this as easy as possible for them. You have no idea what that means to us.   
Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. It’s 3am now….I must be lonely.  
Sweet dreams folks