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About Wire and Honey:

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Baltimore. A beautiful, gritty, and unabashedly unique city. We are a city that colors outside the lines. At Wire and Honey, we create hip, urban clothing that represents the heart and soul of our beloved city. We draw inspiration from music, culture, and local flair while endorsing and promoting love, tolerance, and global health awareness.

Who are we personally? We are Steve and Rah, a husband and wife team. We have a son, Brady, who is quite possibly the coolest kid to ever walk this earth (not that we are biased or anything).  After we had our son, we noticed that the clothing options, particularly for toddler boys, were limited. We live in the city, we are an urban family, and most of the apparel that can be found at the major retailers just didn’t fit our offbeat style. So, here we are, embarking on this crazy journey of creating rad apparel for urban littles. We sincerely appreciate your support in fueling our passion for our son and fashion.