Rob Zombie and Disturbed?

Well, of course, I love a great rock show. This was nothing short of that. Would I ever bring my kids to see them? Probably not. Actually, I was surprised I went myself. I didn’t really have a strong desire to go, because all though these bands are great, they aren’t exactly my cup of tea. But, my wife on the other hand…

So a little back story. When Ashlee and I started dating, she was all about Rob Zombie, A7X, and any other hardcore rock band she could find. I was a little more conservative, listening to Revis, Matchbox 20, and Counting Crows to name a few. I loved hard rock by my days of listening to heavy metal and mostly loud distorted guitars were coming slowly to an end and I was more interested in the melody of music along with good songwriting. That said, I ended up listening to a lot of A7X, Rob Zombie, or whatever else Ashlee was listening to.


Over the years, we have always listened to all types of music from country to rock to oldies and then even all the way back to the Beatles. As a matter of fact, going to concerts is our all-time favorite thing to do together. Music is where we connect beyond just each other.

So when I heard Rob Zombie and Disturbed were going to be in Gulfport, MS, which was where I have been working all week, I told Ashlee and she wanted me to go and get her a T-Shirt. I bought a few tickets and made my buddy go with me that was working with me down in Biloxi this week. This was actually his first ever concert. When we walked up to the gate to get into the arena, he looked at me and said “man, I don’t know about this, it looks a little bit “Coltish””. I smiled and said, “it will be okay bud, let’s just have a good time”. By the time the concert started I could see the nervousness in his face. And then the bands started playing, and it was like a light came on that he had never seen before. The pounding of the kick drum in your chest, the loud ringing of distorted guitars in your ear, and the words that they are singing but you can’t make it out and then again you don’t care because it just feels good.

I looked around and there were so many different kinds of people here. You had a guy wearing a suit who looked like he could have been preaching a sermon Sunday, then you had the girl with pink hair and cut off jeans with some kind of weird boots I’ve never seen before, then there’s the guy who looks like he’s been rolled up in a chain link fence, and then there’s me, plain as could be wearing my khaki Levi’s and my JCrew shirt. Yea, I felt out of place. But it was an experience I’ll soon not forget. And yes, I got my wife a t-shirt. Not that she could ever wear it anywhere, but I got her one.