So. we have some big news. As all of you know, I’ve been quite sick this year with PSC. Sick enough that my team of Doctors at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas, TX decided to put me on the transplant list this past month. They said at this time that a living donor would be all that insurance and surgeons would consider but that we needed to proceed to try to make that happen. I had such an out pouring of love and support from close friends who were evaluated to see if they were a match. Unfortunately due to other medical or personal issues they were unable to donate. That is when my little brother Andrew stepped up and was evaluated. This week we received a call that he was a match and we will proceed with the surgery this coming October. This campaign is to show support but also to help fund Andrew’s living expenses while he is away from work for 6 weeks to donate 2/3 of his liver to me, essentially to save my life. He is in fact, My hero. Thank you all for your prayers, love and support.

We will all be posting updates on this blog throughout the process of the transplant.   stay tuned 🙂